Individuals often end up owning undivided interests in real estate through an inheritance, gift or purchase.  This property is typically owned by several individuals jointly but each party owns an undivided percentage of the property.  Sometimes the other undivided interest owners can become uncooperative or unreasonable.  Undivided interest owners may own their interest for years, or even their entire life, without seeing any financial benefit.  A frequent problem occurs when there is a co-owner living in, or exclusively using, jointly owned property without paying rent or their share of expenses for the property.  It is all too common for individuals to inherit an interest in a property that has value without being able to realize any benefit from it.

A limited number of buyers are willing to take on the challenges of owning undivided interests in residential, commercial, or ranch properties.  We are different in that we are experienced, buyers who specialize in purchasing jointly held interests.  We are especially interested in purchasing undivided interests in West Texas, particularly in the following counties in the Permian Basin:

  • Crane County
  • Ector County
  • Howard County
  • Midland County
  • Pecos County
  • Ward County

If you are interested in selling your undivided interest in a property please e-mail or use our contact form (fill in as much as you can).

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