I recently had the pleasure of having a conversation with Mr. B, a gentleman in his late 80s who I know to be happy, wealthy and wise.  Most people would consider Mr. B. a success by any standard.  He is a warm, thoughtful and intelligent man with a lot of life experience.  When he told me he had 5 tips for success and happiness I had to hear them and share them.

Religion.  Mr. B is a Christian and believes that his Christianity has greatly contributed to his happiness and success.  Being involved in his church and being a man of faith have helped him immensely.

Being Married and picking a good spouse.  Picking great spouses and being married is something Mr. B. considered to be a great part of his success.  He pointed out that men especially benefit in this area.  Mr. B. recommended that his children and grandchildren looked for educated, stable spouses.  He also said be sure to look for someone with a stable family if possible.  Studies back up that married men typically are happier, live longer, have better health and make more money than single men.

Passion for accomplishing your goals.  Mr. B. told me that for ultimate success and happiness he felt you must be persistent and passionate about setting and reaching goals.  If you don’t set goals you are unlikely to stumble into success.  If you don’t have passion you may get close to your goals but you are less likely to reach them.

Education.    Mr. B. is a firm believer in the value of education.  Both formal and self-taught education can create tremendous opportunities.  But see: Article in the Times saying formal education has not been linked to happiness.  I’ve certainly seen both very happy and very successful people with little formal education.  Most successful people with little formal education have done a great job of educating themselves.

Community Involvement.  Finally, Mr. B. believes it is extremely important to be involved in one’s community.  He said that the real value you find in life is in what you can do for others, whether that is by providing useful expertise, volunteering at your search, being involved in city government etc.  The ties that we have to others are what matters in life.

Those are five wise and beneficial tips for success and happiness courtesy of Mr. B.  What would be in your top five?